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While our most of event fund is raised from Sponsorships and Ticket fees income, We often found we were difficult raise enough funding through those methods. Thus, we encourage individuals like you to contribute to our event fund by donating amount of money you want.

Your financial contributions will enable us to gather more diverse people from Ubuntu and FOSS Community across Asia which is one of our important goals. It will be also helpful for us to make event better prepared with better quality in general: Such as better event facility setup, swags, catering and many more detailed aspects of events. To apreciate your financial contribution, Your name will be featured in this page.

Travel grants contributor

Below are people who contributed to travel grants through Open Collective. Thank you all for your contributions! Contributions will be used to sponsor travel of participant who have difficulties raise travel fund by themselves through work, school(such as university, college), grants organization, or other ways(such as expensing personal money).

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Below are people who purchased “Patron Ticket” in registration page. Thank you all for your contributions! Ticket income including Patron ticket fee will be used by Local team to cover on-site expenses (such as securing venue, setting up venue facility and decoratiolns, video recording, catering). Then, if there are some remaining funds after that, we’ll try to use it for travel grant to sponsor travel of more people.

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