Exploring the city

What to do and Where to go in Jaipur?

Getting around in Jaipur

In Jaipur, you can get around using:

  1. Auto-rickshaws: Negotiate fare beforehand
  2. Taxis: Book through apps like Uber or Ola.
  3. City buses: Pay fare directly on boarding.
  4. Cycle rickshaws: Negotiate fare for short distances.

For longer distances or comfort, opt for taxis or app-based rides.

Tourist information

For comprehensive tourist information, including attractions, accommodations, and travel tips, consider visiting the following websites:

  1. Jaipur Tourism Official Website
  2. Tripadvisor Jaipur Travel Guide
  3. Lonely Planet Jaipur Guide
  1. Amber Fort: Blend of Hindu and Mughal architecture, with stunning views.
  2. Hawa Mahal: Iconic pink sandstone palace with intricate façade.
  3. City Palace: Fusion of Rajput, Mughal, and European architecture, housing museums and galleries.
  4. Jantar Mantar: UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring architectural astronomical instruments.
  5. Jaigarh Fort: Hilltop fortress offering panoramic views and historic cannons.
  6. Nahargarh Fort: Scenic hilltop fort with sunset views over Jaipur.
  7. Albert Hall Museum: Oldest museum in Rajasthan, showcasing extensive art and artifacts.
  8. Jal Mahal: Picturesque palace partially submerged in Man Sagar Lake.
  9. Galtaji (Monkey Temple): Ancient Hindu pilgrimage site with temples and natural springs.
  10. Chokhi Dhani: Ethnic village resort offering Rajasthani culture, performances, and cuisine.

These attractions capture the essence of Jaipur’s rich history, architecture, and culture.


  1. Dal Baati Churma: Baked dough balls with lentil curry and sweet wheat crumble.
  2. Laal Maas: Fiery red meat curry with spices.
  3. Gatte ki Sabzi: Chickpea flour dumplings in tangy yogurt curry.
  4. Kachori: Spicy stuffed pastries served with tamarind chutney.
  5. Pyaaz Kachori: Spicy onion-filled pastries.
  6. Mirchi Bada: Spicy chili peppers stuffed with potato, deep-fried.
  7. Ghewar: Festive sweet made from flour, milk, and syrup.


  1. Lassi: Refreshing yogurt-based drink.
  2. Chaas: Spiced buttermilk.
  3. Masala Chai: Spiced Indian tea with milk.
  4. Sharbat: Sweet fruit syrups mixed with water or milk.